Sequential Processing Disorder

Sequential Processing Disorder... is really just a part of SPD. The bottom line is it really isn't a distinct diagnosis in and of itself.

Sequential Processing Disorder, if moderate to severe, will impact many areas of functioning. It would impact anything from making a sandwich to riding a bike or writing a sentence to understanding the events in a story. Anything that requires the concept of first, next, last, etc. Anything that has steps to it.

The first things first. A child needs to be actively working on this with an Occupational Therapist who knows how to help her and who is knowledgeable about this.Second, she needs to be constantly exposed to the terms "first", "next", "then", "before", "after", "last", etc.

These concepts should be talked about often. Before, during and after doing tasks, reinforce these concepts with her and ask her questions regarding the order of things, etc.

One particular program that works well with kids who have sequential motor planning or sequential memory problems is Therapeutic Listening.

Try looking up information about this at and talk to your OT (if you have one... if not, you really should have one) about the program and your interest in trying it with your son or daughter. It has really helped so many kids
with these issues!

Last, there is one book in particular that is highly recommended for more insights into sequential processing difficulties.  It is called The Mislabeled Child: Looking Beyond Behavior to Find the True Sources and Solutions for Children's Learning Challenges.

THIS is DEFINITELY something an OT can actively work on. Make sure the OT gives you strategies to use at home, and explains the details to you. If not, please ask! You need to know and understand what to do at home and school to help her!

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