Soft clothes Are The Answer For Many Kids, Teens And Adults Who Have Major Issues With Wearing Clothes Due To Sensory Processing Disorder / Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Soft clothes is the best solution for older kids and adults with clothing issues.

An easy fix to this is to use a LOT of fabric softener!! A LOT!

Soak the clothes in liquid fabric softener as much as needed then wash them with additional softener.

Also, buying second hand clothes helps too... they have been worn and softened over time. There are some GREAT used clothes out there, and it will certainly save you money to boot.

If socks, underwear or bras are an issue... seamless socks, seamless underwear, and sports bras are best for tactile defensiveness. For shoes... it is trial and error... when you find a brand, stick with it! Some people even wear moccasins with everything! Also, visit our tactile defensiveness page more specific suggestions.

The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol or therapeutic listening may help too. Symptoms do indeed tend to get worse through certain times/changes like adolescence.

Two suggestions for books...Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are Sensory Defensive in an Overstimulating World and Introduction to How Does Your Engine Run?: The Alert Program for Self-Regulation

These are both great books for older kids/adults with SPD.

Much of this site is written in language that addresses kids, but the same concepts apply! Some activities and ideas are more geared for kids, but some are easily transferable to adolescents and adults.

You may need to use a little creativity, but if you understand the concepts behind SPD, then these things will make sense.

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Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist - comprehensive SPD Checklist; signs and symptoms of tactile, auditory, olfactory and oral defensiveness, as well as proprioceptive and vestibular dysfunction.

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