The Tender Tones Blanket... The Soothing Sound Of A Mother's Heartbeat Will Lull Your Little One To Sleep

It is not hard to imagine why the Tender Tones blanket works so well. Imagine spending the "first 9 months" of your life with the sound of your mother's heartbeat echoing in your ears. The womb was a very comfortable place to be. I don't blame infants for the loud burst of crying they let out when they are born.

Now, they are bombarded by thousands of new and different sensory experiences. Can you say, "system overload"? But, how peacefully they drift off to sleep swaddled up in a blanket laying on mom's chest. Ah, the familiar sound of her heartbeat and her voice. Back to their own personal comfort zone.

Well, unfortunately for baby, mom can't hold their little ones 24-7, so a surrogate may just have to do. What better than a soft, plush Tender Tones blanket which emanates the sound of mom's soothing, rhythmic heartbeat.

I personally know this sound works. Our daughter spent many months taking naps next to a teddy bear that relaxed her into sleep with the sound of a heartbeat. It was one sure-fire way to get her to stay asleep after I put her down in her crib.

These Tender Tones heartbeat blankets will provide the closeness and familiarity of mom when she can't be there.

Children with sensory processing disorders are infamous for not being able to calm and soothe themselves without a little extra help. This could certainly be a wonderful solution!!

Help your child drift off to sleep with the sound of a heartbeat. You will both benefit, trust me! Now, you can go take a nap too.

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