The Wiggly Scarecrow: Songs for Sensational Kids

Need some help getting your kids to do their therapy, to self-regulate, calm themselves down, or rev up? Then Songs For Sensational Kids; The Wiggly Scarecrow can surely help!

Susan writes...

"I found an SPD mom on the internet who kept saying that the issues with my children sounded sensory related.  It got me to do enough reading that I finally got desperate enough to find an OT where we could get evaluated without a referral. It was the best thing I ever did for our family and for my children and our relationship with each other. We have gone through one year of OT with brushing, joint compressions, listening therapy and a sensory diet and our lives have changed more than I could have imagined. My girls have improved from many of their sensory issues and the ones remaining at this point can be man aged very well.

I understand my girls better than ever and feel that I have become a better mother to them during all of our learning. My daughters were premature and I still am very surprised that during that time, no one mentioned SPD or gave me things to look for. I don't know why they have sensory issues, but I plan on trying to work with the local hospitals here to see if there is any way to help educate people. If we had gotten help a year sooner, things may not have gotten as bad as they did!

My daughter finally gave up her bottle this year (at age 4). It was so hard for her and I know the only reason she was able to do it was from her listening therapy. But she is struggling now because she does not have anything to help her self soothe. She will hardly rest during the day and she used to need lots of rests that she got with her bottle and some TV time alone.

Do you have any suggestions of things we could try to get her some down time? She is a crasher and needs lots of input. We are trying to brush again but I am having a hard time getting it back into our schedule and she is fighting it. She gets tired and hangs on people, gets angry and manic. Sometimes I wish we had that bottle back. It was a life saver for us both."

My response...

Let me say, I know how tempting it feels to want to give her the bottle back, but PLEASE don't do it. THAT would cause many more problems. I KNOW what you are feeling... I felt it too... my daughter giving up the pacifier then having NOTHING left but ME to soothe her. Uggh, the HOURS I spent in her room trying to get her to sleep!!

Anyway, I am curious, before I go on...

Can you do the listening therapy some more? Again? Have you asked the OT about that? It surely does calm many kids and help them make all kinds of improvements, as you saw.  It may be time to revisit this?

BUT, what I REALLY want to suggest to you is to get a copy of Coles Whalen's CD... Songs for Sensational Kids 1: Wiggly Scarecrow . I have witnessed the power of this CD. My friend, who was playing this CD in her van with her own seeker, described the CD this way...

"There are three soothing songs at the end, songs 13, 14, and 15. Which are all calming and regulating songs, to a calm, slow beat. Each song on the CD is designed to use with certain therapeutic activities. Right now? We do the Brushing Song, to encourage him to brush himself. The airplane song while we do prone extension exercises, and the Dancin' Cowboy song to do vestibular work. When a child needs to be more alert and speed up the engine, we do the Wishy Washy Men song."

Here are the names of all the tracks on Songs for Sensational Kids CD...

Playing Games is All About Fun
My Mouth
Dancin Cowboy Rodeo
Im a Little Airplane
Balancing Me
My Brain is a Working Machine
Roly Poly
The Wiggly Scarecrow
How does it go?
Noisy Hushy Troop
Wishy Washy Men
Noilee & Prat
Nappy King

This CD is a VERY important part of my friend's sensory diet for her son and it SURELY works!! I saw it work with my own two eyes when I was just down there visiting them. Also, just know a Sensory Diet, carefully planned and regularly implemented will help her stay regulated. I hope you have one. You can also try weighted blankets or a weighted lap pad for some "chilling out" time.

Oh, I can see it now... how about a little hide away play tent, with therapeutic tactile objects, floor pillows, a weighted blanket, aromatherapy products, and Songs for Sensational: Wiggly Scarecrow playing. Perhaps even a ladybug massager that she can play with for input, a bean bag chair, etc. Maybe at certain times during the day?? Also, since the bottle was so soothing maybe some strong oral motor toys, chewy foods, strong flavors, etc. in there too?

You can talk to your daughter about how you both need some relaxation time. You need some time to recharge and her body needs some time to relax and wind down before doing another activity or going to bed, whatever. What do you think? Because the behaviors you are talking about ARE her system "out-of-sync" and disorganized! We have to help her by giving her the tools she needs to keep
regulated. What does your OT say/know about these things with your daughter. I hope she is being helpful to you!!  Do you have THE BEST OT you can find?

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