Use Ball Pits And Ball Pools To Calm Or Stimulate Your Tactile Sense

What child can resist the colorful sensory experience of ball pits?

Although children just seem to think they are fun, they are actually one of the most therapeutic types of play that involves tactile and visual stimuli.

Fortunately, for our children, these ball pools have crept up everywhere... from McDonald's Playland to Burger King, from schools to clinics, and indoor play areas to amusement parks

Isn't it time to bring the fun and much needed sensory input into your own home? I'll be honest, buying your child a ball pit as a gift, may just be the most memorable and used gifts of all time!

And the best news? There are creative ways and products that make this idea affordable. Many merchants sell these ball pits/ball pools, and you need to choose the one that is right for you. However, given my sensitivity to knowing the financial burdens of parents who have children with special needs, including sensory processing disorders, I would recommend the products below as a lower cost alternative.

If you can afford the bigger and better, feel free. If you have room in your house, great! The child will definitely benefit from a bigger ball pool and it certainly is my first choice for therapy. In this case, the bigger they are the better; just for the fact that you can do more within them.

I would venture to say, if you put a child in a room with a ball pit and a multitude of other toys and interactive games/activities, 95% would hit the ball pit first. There is nothing like the feeling. Admit it, who among you, as an adult, hasn't crawled in one with your child (or wanted to)! It is a unique and necessary tactile experience for anyone.

Ball pools provide a multi-sensory environment that will awaken the senses or calm them down, depending on the child. How cool is that... two opposite effects in one product!

The inflatable products below will not take up too much room in your house, and are easily portable and deflatable for convenience. You can also use a Jumpolene as a ball pit by purchasing the Jumpolene and balls separately. Now you have two completely different uses for one product! One for bouncing proprioceptive and vestibular input, and one for tactile, auditory and visual. Just so you know, that includes all the "8" senses except taste and smell (which you can easily fix with a snack!)

If I could be so bold, I would highly recommend every child be given the sensory experience of having a ball pit right in their own home. Trust me, you won't regret having one, not for a minute! (well, maybe one minute... when the balls end up all over the place, but there is another good heavy work activity for your child to do, cleaning the balls up by playing "basketball", the "ten second tidy" etc.)

So, get creative, have fun, give your child one of the best childhood gifts, allow them the necessary multi-sensory experience these ball pools provide, and get yours today!

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