Using Specific Sensory Integration Equipment To Crash, Jump, Taste, Touch, Calm, Climb, Swing & Make Play Fun

Whether at home, school or in a clinic, sensory integration equipment is a necessary way to provide the proper input for children with sensory processing/sensory integration disorders. Sensory integration equipment can be very specialized to provide the essential input for targeted areas of sensory dysfunction.

How will you know if your child needs any of this equipment or if he/she may have a sensory integration disorder / sensory processing disorder, you ask?

Easy... just click here for the FREE, printable Sensory Processing Disorder Symptom Checklist

Need More, Or The Proper Kind Of, Tactile Input?

Then, try the following Sensory Integration Equipment...

  • tactile toys and balls
  • textured walls and materials
  • textured puzzles and books
  • surgical brushes (if prescribed the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol)
  • vibrating toys and vibrating baby seats
  • vibrating mattresses, vibrating pillows , and play mats or vibrating stuffed animals
  • vibrating recliners, chair, or mats
  • vibrating teethers and oral massagers
  • vibrating hairbrush or vibrating toothbrush
  • "Koosh" balls, wigglers, and squishy balls
  • shaving cream or Funny Foam
  • play-doh, gak, glop, and other fun recipes
  • sand and water tables
  • "Bumble Ball"
  • ball pits and ball pools
  • finger paints
  • textured bean bags
  • vibrating pens
  • "Somatron" vibrating mats and cloud chairs
  • tactile mats

    Need More, Or The Proper Kind Of, Vestibular (movement) Input?

    Then try the following Sensory Integration Equipment...

  • bolster swings
  • suspended platform swings
  • glider rockers
  • hammock swings or relax chairs
  • cocoon swings
  • riding toys, bikes and scooters
  • rocking toys
  • jolly jumpers
  • infant swings
  • teeter totters
  • tire swings, sling swings, toddler swings and swingsets
  • jumpolenes and backyard bouncers
  • "Dizzy Disc"
  • zip lines and backyard trolleys
  • sea saws
  • glider swings
  • "Airwalker"
  • "frog swing","biorbital accelerator" swing, dual swings, spring swings, "moon swing", disc swing, and/or tube swings
  • "Sit 'n Spin"
  • "Whirley Bouncer"
  • rocker boards
  • balance boards and balance beams

    Need More Proprioceptive Input? (input to muscles and joints)

    Then try the following Sensory Integration Equipment...
  • pogo sticks
  • jumpers and bouncers
  • weighted vests, weighted blankets, and shorts
  • wrist, ankle, shoe and/or finger weights
  • scooter boards
  • play tunnels
  • "moon shoes"
  • scooters (3 or 4 wheel scooters for the younger, or less coordinated)
  • rollerblades
  • "Disc-o-Sit" or "Movin' Sit" cushions
  • "Theraband"
  • jungle gyms
  • indoor rock walls
  • "Hippity Hop"
  • trampolines
  • "Jump-o-lenes" and/or backyard bouncers
  • jump rope
  • therapy balls
  • "Theraputty" or silly putty
  • any vibrating product (massagers, mats, toys, teethers, baby seats, etc.)
  • weighted balls ("medicine balls")
  • "The Steamroller" machine
  • resistance tunnels
  • "Body Sox" (lycra stretch bags for the body)
  • bop bags
  • bean bag chairs
  • ball pits and ball pools
  • bubble wrap (to pop with fingers and hands, or jump on)
  • pegboards
  • "T-Stool"
  • air mats
  • crash pits
  • net climbers
  • push toys
  • weighted backpacks
  • "Co-oper Lycra Blanket"
  • "Rapper Snappers"
  • squeeze toys
  • weighted neck wraps and/or weighted lap pads

    Need More Oral Input?

    Try the following equipment to help with sensory processing...

  • vibrating teethers
  • vibrating toothbrushes
  • blow toys
  • whistles
  • musical instruments (real or play ones)
  • rubber tubing (dip it into flavored foods or drinks if you want)
  • sweet, sour, spicy, chewy foods and gum
  • "Nuk toothbrush"
  • textured spoons
  • straws with thick drinks
  • sports bottles
  • "Blow Darts"
  • "Blo-pens"
  • bubbles
  • party favor blowers
  • kazoos
  • facial and oral massagers
  • "Z-vibes"
  • "Jigglers"

    Need Calming Auditory Input?

    Then try the following Sensory Integration Equipment...

  • sound therapy
  • guided imagery tapes/cd's
  • relaxation tapes/cd's
  • classical music
  • nature sound machines
  • heartbeat sounds stuffed animals and/or blankets
  • metronomes
  • self-hypnosis programs (downloadable)

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