Sensory Integration Problems

Are you wondering how to deal with sensory integration problems? Well, this is the place to find some answers!

Sensory Integration Disorder (now called Sensory Processing Disorder), is a neurological disorder that affects as many as 1 out of every 20 children, according to Dr. Lucy Jane Miller in her most recent book, Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Additionally, there are a significant number of adults (perhaps as many as 5%) who have SID/SPD that may never have been diagnosed.  These are significant numbers; some feel the numbers could be even higher.

As with any neurological disorder, comes a variety of problems in daily functioning.  Specifically, I want to address the issues that will/can result from having sensory integration / sensory processing issues.  Here, I hope, you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone.  Problems you once may have thought to be "weird:, unusual, unique, and extremely frustrating will finally make sense.  You will better understand how and why these various sensory integration disorder symptoms (sensory processing issues) are interfering/have interfered with learning, working, playing, socializing, meeting developmental milestones, and carrying out daily routines.

If you truly understand the amazing complexity of the central nervous system, including the brain, in an individual with SID/SPD, you can therefore understand the potential effects, the sensory integration problems and issues that may result.  Below you will find a constantly growing list of issues that have been "inspired" by the hundreds of emails I have received, and continue to receive. 

I know for a fact, after having seen, treated, lived with, researched, and spoken to thousands of children and adults with sensory integration disorder (sensory processing disorder), that if one person has a specific issue or problem, there will be a significant number of individuals that share in this experience.  By addressing one problem one person has, hundreds more can benefit!  Also, know that you can find even more at The SPD Q & A as well. Sign up for the RSS feed by clicking on the appropriate buttons below the navigation bar, to keep up with the newest additions.

The specific issues:  These are the real problems experienced by real people.  I hope this brings validation, understanding, support, and answers. Click on any of the sensory integration problems below to find the solutions.

Sensory Strategies For The Holidays

Using SI Theory To Solve Problems At Home

Using SI Theory To Solve Problems At School

Teaching Strategies For Home and School

Helping The SPD Child In The Classroom

Oral Defensiveness; Making Dentist Visits More Comfortable

Hair Pulling And Self-Stimulating Behaviors

Home Vs. School Behavior;  Why Are They So Different?  

Dealing With The "Unwilling" And The "Unbelievers"

Touch Sensitivity (Tactile Defensiveness); When Clothes Hurt

Need Help With "Calming Down Time" or With Therapies At Home?  Use The Wiggly Scarecrow!

SPD Or Food Allergies

I'm An SPD Advocate... Are YOU?

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