Different Options in Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment

There are many attention deficit disorder treatment options available today that were not available on the market in the past. It used to be that the disorder was either ignored or treated with a medication that caused serious side effects for the child.

Today, there are alternative ADD treatments available that allow parents to try the different options and see what works best for their child. Today, there do not have to be just medication options, there are also strategies that can be used, alternative methods for the classroom, and finding underlying causes for the behavior.


The most common type of attention deficit disorder treatment is in the form of medication. Often the lowest dosage possible is tried first and then increased until there is an affect felt by the child and noticed by the adults that interact with him showing that the medication is working. Different medications have different side effects on the children, so different types are often tried until one is found that works for that child.

There is also the case that the medication will work for a period of time but will not work as the child grows older. In this case, the attention deficit disorder treatment will have to be altered so that another medication is used or different strategies for coping tried.

Another type of ADD treatment that is used is to check for any underlying vision or allergy problems that could be contributing to the lack of focus. There are different types of vision therapy programs for treatment of ADD that can be beneficial. In these treatments, the patient is trained in tracking skills, focus levels and fixation so that the child can focus for longer periods of time on one object. In this attention deficit disorder treatment, the child will then be able to track when reading, writing and listening to the teacher more efficiently.

There are also ADD treatments that use other behavioral methods to teach the child at school. There are agreements that can be formed at the school that will put some of these methods in place for the benefit of the child. The child could be placed in a better, less distracting place in the classroom, the teacher can use shorter lessons and give the child a chance to move, and can provide interactive learning experiences. In this attention deficit disorder treatment, the child has more chances to learn to cope and be successful in the learning environment.

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