A Guide To Symptoms Of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Some of the most common symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder are difficulty in staying organized, staying on the task and procrastinating. The adults suffering from ADD might also have trouble in maintaining the relationships, and controlling their temper. Adults with attention deficit disorder have a more sophisticated coping mechanism as compared to children.

Test of symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder include factors such as internal sense of anxiety, frequent distractions during sex, impulsive spending habits, lack of attention to details, frequently misplacing your wallet, car keys or other important items, trouble following chain of commands or proper channels, family history of ADD, mood disorders, learning problems, substance abuse problems, frequent traffic violations, trouble maintaining organized work, impulsive job changes, poor financial management, overwhelmed by daily tasks, procrastination, inconsistent work performance, spending more time at workplace due to inefficiencies, sense of underachievement, addictive towards food, drugs, alcohol, gambling or work, tendency of outbursts, frequent mood swings and tendency to worry endlessly and needlessly.

Symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder begin at childhood, and persist into adulthood. These symptoms can significantly affect careers, relationships, and personal safety of the patients. This disorder is quite often misunderstood, and many people suffering from it do not get the appropriate treatment. The problem with ADD is that it is difficult to diagnose, especially in adults.

There are many people who had told their physicians they thought that they might have symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder, but were immediately dismissed, and few years later, got diagnosed with ADD by an experienced profession. The hallmark symptom of adult attention deficit disorder is a frustrating absent mindedness, and people suddenly feel that they saw nothing of what they were looking at, heard nothing of what they were listening to and remember nothing of what they were trying to read or concentrate on.

A person having attention deficit disorder signs and symptoms looks back on his life, and sees that intentions are unfulfilled, many roads were not traveled and plans never realized.

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